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Every year, The Leader publishes the equivalent of nearly six novels about the people, businesses, schools and activities in the Heights, Oak Forest, Garden Oaks and the neighborhoods in our communities.

That’s right, our small staff is able to surpass 520,000 words each year, telling stories that make a difference in our community.
As owners, we believe this area of Houston deserves its own news, its own gatekeepers, and content that covers every angle of every issue. We do our best to stay out of politics, and we give voice to people who otherwise have none.

These are difficult times for community newspapers like The Leader. Local businesses have moved their marketing dollars to digital behemoths like Facebook and Google, upending the financial viability of local news.

The newspapers that survive today must rely on readers and their financial support, and this is the one time each year I ask our readers to consider supporting our work through a voluntary contribution.

As a journalist, I’m so proud of the work we do each week to tell your stories. As a business owner, I ask you to please consider supporting the half a million words we write about you each year.

The Leader is a valuable newspaper in our community!

I enjoy receiving and reading articles in The Leader newspaper. Many well-written articles grab my attention and keep me connected to neighborhood events and happenings. I especially appreciate articles that showcase innovative and heart-warming accomplishments taking place in our surrounding neighborhood schools.

Laura Alaniz

Notice I said subscribe, not just read.

I’m a big supporter of journalism. I subscribe to The NY Times and Washington Post for national news, The Guardian for international perspective, and The Chronicle for state and city news. I also subscribe to The Leader for news about my neighborhood, news I can’t get from any of those other sources. Notice I said subscribe, not just read. That’s where the support comes in.

Terry Abel

I was thrilled to discover a neighborhood newspaper

We moved to Oak Forest in 2013 & I was thrilled to discover that we had a neighborhood/area newspaper. As a newcomer to the neighborhood, it allowed me the opportunity to get to know the businesses, the restaurants, the merchants that provided special services & to feel part of our new community.
My first interaction with the staff was as a member of the OFHA Board. We used the calendar to promote our events & articles to grow the attendance at the event. Now that I have returned to the work place, the Leader has been part of the company’s advertising budget. How nice it is in this fast paced, hectic world that we still have a neighborhood paper. I love it.

Martha Mears

BHHS Premier Properties

I love the Leader!

I love the Leader! I feel as though the world is constantly bombarding us with ads/posts/articles of information that is not important to us.
The Leader serves as a respite to provide us with the critical stories and information that directly affect our daily lives. Even more, you can usually spot a familiar or friendly face in there, and it provides an avenue to celebrate the victories of our neighbors!

Jennifer Solak

Solak Legal

Fantastic source of information

I value The Leader for its local coverage and I consider The Leader an important part of my restaurant business communications. I also live in the neighborhood and find it’s a fantastic source of information.

Donnette Hansen

Owner Rainbow Lodge Restaurant

It’s so nice to have a local resource that cares deeply for the neighborhood

As someone who loves staying involved in the wonderful things happening in our community, I greatly appreciate that The Leader shares my affinity for the Greater Heights area. It’s so nice to have a local resource that cares deeply for the neighborhood and works hard to keep us all informed. From restaurant reviews and updates, to local business happenings and sharing about unique community events, The Leader is a great source for finding the pulse of our neighborhood!

Pastor Hanna White

Village Heights Church

Even though I live outside the Heights area, I enjoy reading The Leader

In a time when the ‘local’ paper is owned by a major corporation and most of the articles in the online edition are thinly veiled paid advertisements, one of the significant components binding the many small communities within the Houston metropolis is local newspapers like The Leader. Even though I live outside the Heights area, I enjoy reading The Leader for the columnists and articles about the citizens of the community. My connection to the Heights, and to The Leader, is through Mitch Cohen and the First Saturday Arts Market, where I am one of the artists. After being the (somewhat reluctant) subject of one of Mitch’s columns (“Woodworking is Music to Hardy’s Ears”), I was pleasantly surprised when at the next First Saturday Arts Market two of the people that stopped by my booth had The Leader in hand, asking if I was the one in the article. This reinforced to me that people still value that connection to their community within the city, and in particular to the people and everyday life within that community. People are important, community is important, and The Leader is a valuable part of the community.”

R. Michael Hardy

On point and very informative

As a Heights resident and business owner, I look forward to receiving The Leader. The news coverage is refreshing, on point and very informative. I also enjoy reading the feature stories, the editorials and the restaurant reviews. In this day of 24/7 information hype and social media madness, The Leader provides me an opportunity to sit down, relax and get caught up on events in the community in which I love and so grateful to be a part of.

Susan Sessions

Owner Susan Sessions Tutoring

I wish all cities across the country had a paper like this

When coming back into town for family, friends and doc Appts, the first thing we do is pick up The Leader to get a true pulse of the city happenings. It’s a literary coming home moment filled with the arts and culture of the coolest of Houston. They have the best stories and the most personal articles. I wish all cities across the country had a paper like this representing them.

Nancy and John Adams

Very informative!

My family, friends, and neighbors Luv The Leader because it is written and online format that informs and brings us together as a community. Many neighborhoods without this incredible resource lack a sense of community. Additionally, The Leader makes it easy to support local businesses and thereby supporting my community. It is my “go-to” for places to eat, shop, and find other professionals. Also, nice to see and read about others’ awards, accomplishments, and opinions. Very informative!

Phyllis Oeser

Attorney at Law

Plays an important part in developing community awareness

I grew up in Inwood Forest and I remember getting the Leader and reading articles and even getting my own picture in the paper as a part of various youth sports events. As an adult, I enjoy reading articles and seeing news that is focused on the events, organizations, and issues of our local community. It is easy to get lost in a big city. The Leader plays an important part in developing community awareness, building community relationships and highlighting community victories.

Pastor Will Cover


Brings us latest news and info

The Leader Houston paper brings us latest news and info on our community, city, business, real estate, entertainment, food, art, health, sport, and more. Especially, I enjoy to read the Art Valet stories in The Art section of the magazine that brings stories and info on artists, art venues and happenings in art in Houston and surrounding areas. Art Valet covers stories on individual artists and groups in visual art, craft, music, writing, film and media, theater, dance, and design. I’m very proud to be included in one of the stories; “Who Knew Flowers Could Be So Sexy”, The Leader wrote once about me and my art of “Sexy Flowers and “Mottled Horses” paintings. Thank you Mitch Cohen for the great story. I think The Leader is a valuable and great magazine that keeps local people inform what is happening in Houston and everyone can find great info for his/her interest.

Iwona Jankowski

Local Artist

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